About Us


Creating an undetectable and realistic lace wig hinges on perfecting the hairline. With over two decades of expertise in wig crafting, our factory boasts cutting-edge hair production techniques and skills. At every step of the way, from crafting caps and bases to selecting top-notch raw hair, sorting, coloring, bleaching, curling, knotting (including single knots, double knots, injection, half knots, and bleached knots), perming, and styling, we adhere to a rigorous quality control and inspection system.

Our raw human hair, sourced exclusively from non-damaged Burmese Virgin hair, is of impeccable quality. The designers behind our Sassy Secret lace wigs bring decades of professional experience to the table, ensuring our manufacturing techniques maintain a leading position in the industry by consistently delivering high-quality products. You can shop with confidence, knowing that we offer only the finest lace wig products.

Our human hair lace wigs are available in two styles: Lace Front and Full Lace. The entire wig cap is constructed from lace, meticulously matched to your scalp color, achieving the illusion of hair naturally sprouting from your head. The lace base imparts an overall lightweight and realistic appearance to the wig. Our full lace wigs grant you the freedom to part them anywhere, style them as you wish, and even flaunt a high ponytail, just as you would with your natural hair. Upon application, our wigs seamlessly establish a flawless, natural, and imperceptible hairline. Our Sassy Secret collection is exclusively composed of fine-quality human Burmese hair, measured from crown to tip.

All our wigs include:

  • Premium Swiss lace

  • Virtually invisible bleached knots along the perimeter

  • A naturally transitional hairline density

About Bleached Knots

The knots within our wigs undergo a gentle bleaching procedure after being intricately tied to the base. This bleaching process effectively removes the majority of the darker color, resulting in nearly imperceptible knots that give the authentic impression of hair growing directly from your scalp. It's essential to bear in mind that while bleached knots don't render the knots entirely invisible, they do make them smaller and lighter, significantly reducing their visibility. In the case of light yaki hair-textured units, the knots are only mildly bleached due to the specific processing that imparts the yaki texture to the hair. This adjustment is made to minimize potential damage and shedding.

Single Vs. Double Knots

When aiming for tiny and inconspicuous knots on each individually hand-tied hair strand, single knots are regarded as the optimal knotting method. They allow for the single knotting of two or three individual hairs simultaneously, expediting the process but potentially yielding larger knots with a less aesthetically pleasing outcome. Single knots are challenging to spot, but the drawback is that they tend to lead to more hair shedding.

On the other hand, double knots involve the hair being knotted twice, creating a stronger and more durable knot. However, these resulting knots are even more conspicuous upon close scrutiny. Although they are more easily noticeable, double knots offer greater strength and consequently reduce shedding. To strike a balance between these advantages and disadvantages, our Lace Wigs incorporate single knotting around the perimeter and double knots in other areas

Transitional Density Hairline

The transitional density hairline beautifully imitates the natural progression of real hair growth. Mimicking the authentic appearance of growing hair, the initial few millimeters of our lace units feature a lighter density, seamlessly merging into a more standard density. Furthermore, the hair at the front is finer, mirroring the characteristics of a real hairline. Each individual hair strand is intricately attached to our special lace material in such a unique manner that it becomes virtually impossible to discern the attachment points. Once adhered to the scalp with bonding adhesive, the lace becomes exceptionally inconspicuous. The outcome is a front hairline that exudes a remarkably natural and nearly undetectable appearance.