Cap Construction

Sassy Secret Lace Wig Cap Construction 
Sassy Secret offers eleven different cap constructions. Take some time review our Lace Wig cap style options and find the cap that works best for your needs. All our wig cap constructions provide a comfortable and light-weight fit, as all the available fabric/lace materials (Swiss, French, Stretch and Silk) used for cap construction are breathable.
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 Cap#1-Full Lace Cap With Stretch at Crown

    -Full Swiss/French Lace Cap 

    -Stretch Lace Panel at crown

    -Most Popular Cap Construction
    -Can be parted anywhere & styled in an up do
 Cap#2-Full Lace Cap with No Stretch
     -Full Swiss/French Lace Cap
     -No Stretch Panel/Material
     -Can be parted anywhere & styled in an up do
 Cap#3- Full Lace Cap Ear to Ear Stretch
       -Full Swiss/French Lace Cap
       -Stretch Lace Panel that stretches from ear to ear
       -No Adhesive required around the ears
       -Can be parted anywhere & styled in an up do
 Cap#4- Lace Front Cap with Tracks in the back
      -Lace Front Swiss/French Cap
      -6 inches of lace in the front for longer partings
      -Adjustable straps in the back and two combs in the front for secure fit
      -Can be worn easily with or without adhesive
 Cap#5- Full Lace Cap with Combs
      -Full Swiss/French Lace Cap
      -Stretch panel at crown
      -Securing combs for application without adhesive
      -Two combs in the front and three in the back around the nape
 Cap#6- Full Lace Cap with Thin Skin around the perimeter
      -Full Swiss/French lace Cap
      -Thin Skin/Polyurethane around the perimeter
      - Not suitable for hot or warm climates
  Cap#7-Full Lace Cap with SILK TOP hidden knots
      -Full Swiss/French Lace Cap
      -Stretch Panel at crown for comfortable fit
      -4X4 inches of Silk Base at crown for hidden knots
      -Achieve the most undetectable hair partings with this cap
  Cap#8- Full Thin Skin Cap
      -Full Polyurethane/Thin Skin Cap
      -Suitable for customers with no hair at all
      -Comes in colors Light brown, Medium Brown and Transparent
  Cap #9A -Full Lace Glueless cap (DISCONTINUED)
   -Full  fine mesh & Swiss lace cap
    -Adjustable Straps from the temple to nape
    -Can be worn with adhesive or tape
    -100% Hand tied Wig (can be parted anywhere)
Cap#9B -Full lace Glueless Cap
-Full fine mesh & Swiss lace cap
-Adjustable straps around the ear and nape
-Two combs at the temples
- 100% Hand Tied Wig (can be parted anywhere)
   Cap#9C - Full lace Glueless cap
     - Full Swiss lace cap
     -Adjustable Straps around the ear and nape
     - Mesh & Two combs at the temples
      -100% Hand Tied Wig (can be parted anywhere)
 NEW* Cap #9D- Full lace Glueless cap
- Just like our popular Cap #1 but with adjustable straps & combs
- Full Lace swiss cap with stretch at crown
- can be parted anywhere and styled in an updo.
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