Questions about declined payments & charged accounts

Credit Card Authorization on your Bank Account.

Has your order been declined on our website and yet your card seems to have been charged?

When you place an order on with your credit or debit card, our system automatically checks the billing address you entered to verify that it matches what is listed on your bank account or credit card statement. In most cases, your payment is declined because the address entered does not match what is on record with your bank/statement. In this case, your bank will take the money out of your account and hold it while they wait for us to claim the funds. Please note that this is not a "charge" on your account, it is only an "Authorization". If your payment was declined on our site, we will not claim the funds and therefore the authorization will fall off your account. Please note, depending on the bank, it may take up to 7 working days for the funds to be restored back into your account. If you need the funds back in your account sooner, you must contact the bank directly. The bank will require that we fax them an "authorization release request". Please call your bank and obtain the fax number they would like us to use. Once we fax the authorization release request to the bank, all funds will be restored to your account within in one business day.

To avoid having to go through this process, please make sure you enter the correct billing address. If you need your order to ship to a different address you must still enter your billing address. For more information about shipping to a different address please click here.