Shipping to a Different address

For protection against credit card fraud, it is our store policy that we can only ship items to the billing address listed on your credit card statement or checking account. If you enter an address that is different from what is listed on your statement, your payment will automatically be declined by our merchant bank. Even though we have declined the payment, your bank may hold the funds charged for up to 7 business days. To have the funds released sooner you must contact your bank.

So how can I get my order shipped to an alternate address?

If you need your order shipped to an alternate address, i.e work, school etc., you will need to place your order using your billing address (as it shows on your statement). Once your order has processed you will then need to scan email, or take a photo with your digital camera or phone and email, the front and back copy of your credit card as well as a copy of your photo ID (to verify that you are indeed the card holder). For the security of your credit card number you may block out the first 12 numbers leaving only the last 4 digits of the number exposed. Please also include the address you would like your order shipped to.

Please use the form provided below to request an address change.

Click here to download an address change form.