WE CARE by Sassy Secret


We Care by Sassy Secret

According to Harvard Medical School, Female hair loss and hair thinning are frequently caused by alopecia. Additionally, statistics show that leading Medical Treatments (Chemotherapy) used for Cancer patients (on average) during treatment, patients will lose their hair 65% of the time. We understand that losing hair does have an emotional, mental, and physical affect on people. In effort to give back to the community each month we will donate one of our High Quality Human Hair Wigs to one of our current customers that is actively battling cancer or alopecia. We would love to help ease some of the discomfort you are facing due to this traumatic experience.


“Hair does not make a women, but having a nice hairstyle does help.” ~ unknown

To enter the monthly drawing please provide a short synopsis of your hair loss journey and how wearing one of Sassy Secret Wigs has helped you. Also, provide a clear and appropriate photo of yourself with and without our wig. Send all correspondences to wecare@sassysecret.com

Drawings will be done and announced the first Monday of each month. All submissions are due by the 25th. Any submissions sent after 25th will be placed in the following month drawing.

"Whether you are bald by a disease or personal choice, you are still fabulous. It is the quality of your character and soul that makes you, YOU. Thats is a beautiful and special person." ~ unknown